A Revenue-driven approach

Our team of senior-level talent provides new revenue exploration, product marketing systems and go-to-market guidance for organizations seeking revenue growth. Drawing on PMPathlights methodology, each services engagement begins with a consulting and planning engagement. Final deliverables vary by customer need but include establishment of a fully functioning product marketing program, rapid growth readiness, and new revenue source recommendations and implementation plans.



We specialize in uncovering new opportunities from existing products and services without disrupting the focus on current revenue sources you need from your sales and marketing teams.


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Rapid Growth Readiness

Rapid Growth Readiness is designed for organizations which have failed to grow post funding. RGR starts with a SCALE assessment followed by implementation of systems and processes needed for rapid growth.


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Product marketing

PMPathlights methodology organizes captured data and content into more than 30 product marketing modules, which anchor a sales and marketing guidance system across the organization.


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