NRM8 – 5 Reasons to Launch a New Revenue Mining Initiative Now and 2 Ways to Approach It

This final blog in New Revenue Mining is straightforward and without much fanfare.  First, consider the following:

  1. Business Technology Dynamics are Changing at a Blurring Pace
  2. Diversification Hedges Against Disruption
  3. Understanding Your Product Generically Makes You More Agile
  4. Others Are Looking at Mining Your Revenues
  5. Structured Review Versus Bandwagons

PMPathlights would suggest that these 5 reasons alone answer the “Why Now?” question for New Revenue Mining.  If it has been a while since you last explored opportunities, its time.  

You Focus on Now / We Focus on Next

We doubt that we need to convince you how difficult it is to split between these two points of focus. Now matters most and that’s where your focus should be. But Next needs to happen too.  And that’s where outside help comes in.

PMPathlights follows a two-phase approach for a New Revenue Mining review. The first phase is the top-level review, designed to see what opportunities might exist and IF they are worth exploring in depth. Phase 2 uses our detailed PMPathlights product marketing methodology to complete a deep dive into an opportunity assessment and go-to-market approach.

To learn more about this offering or simply to visit about your New Revenue Mining initiative needs, contact or

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