A better way to engage with clients.

The product marketing experts at PMPathlights contract with clients to deliver blocks of time based on the full time equivalent (FTE) of an employee. This approach differs from a consulting engagement, which identifies a specific deliverable and associated cost. With a fractional engagement, our clients specify how our time is spent. Our model progresses in a manner that concurrently trains the internal team and removes the need for our services going forward.

Meet the Leadership Team

We are senior product and marketing leaders who can rapidly evaluate, advise, drive and execute new revenue streams. Because we have worked in a variety of organizations and roles, it is likely that we have already seen a similar challenge solved or what was thought to be a sure-fire tactic fail.

Stephen Tucker

Stephen Tucker

Stephen is an innovative marketing professional who excels at building and revitalizing products, markets, brands and demand-generation systems. Throughout his career, Stephen has helped organizations with product positioning, category creation, extending market demand for mature technologies, and adoption of intelligent enterprise technologies. Stephen’s experience spans multiple industries, company sizes, and products/services. He has received multiple awards for both strategy and execution.

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Jason Reid

Jason possesses a valuable blend of operations, business development, financial, technology, and entrepreneurial experience. He is a strategic business leader with an established record and true passion for defining vision and guiding early stage – as well as emerging and established businesses – to dynamic expansion and growth. Jason leverages his instincts and skillset to quickly sum up business needs, formulate strategy, and execute on-plan to achieve rapid growth, strengthen revenue, profit, market share and competitive advantage for clients.

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Customer testimonials


“Over many years, our customers had helped help us create a valuable portfolio of software products, but we were struggling with how to capitalize on the opportunity – to define the market, size the opportunity and position our product uniquely. In a relatively short amount of time, the team was able to not only understand our business, our products and our customers but also strategically point us to an offering category where we will not just stand out from the crowd but transform and lead.  They also provided sound advice and guidance on ways to mature our processes and methodologies surrounding product development, roadmap planning and go-to-market readiness. We’ve worked with many firms of greater size and reputation, but no one has been able to do what the team at PMPathlights has done for our business.”

- Wayne Swisher, Chief Operating Officer - IRIS Strategic Marketing Support, Inc. – Founders of Gearbox



"The team at PMPathlights was able to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of our brand, elevated our value proposition and helped us with a strategy to establish and reposition our local and global market presence. We are confident the assistance and guidance provided by the team has positioned us to expand the value of products and services we provide while getting us closer to our prospects and customers."  - Whitney Elliott, Chief Executive Officer - STI

The PMPathlights team previously operated under the name FractionalPM.