PMPathlights Launching Two Products / Seeks Alpha Customers

The PMPathlights team is excited to announce two start-up initiatives that will soon be ready for alpha customers.

KNIMO — Knowledge for the Way You Work

KNIMO is a new approach to knowledge that embraces collaborative intelligence, aligns sales and marketing, focuses the entire organization on progressing sales opportunity progression, and reduces redundant questions and team overload.

Knowledge in Motion is the New Norm

Knowledge needed to progress sales opportunities forms, advances, amends, and spreads in totally new ways today. Marketing, sales and supporting organizations no longer physically sit around a table to exchange ideas, information and transfer their knowledge. Instead, they form collaborative intelligence using Slack, Teams, or Chat.  They text or email. They pop up a quick Zoom meeting.

With knowledge this fluid, the former “sources of truth” within an organization are no longer acceptable nor effective as stand-alone repositories. To drive deals forward, businesses must be able to collaboratively capture, digest and reuse constantly changing information in ways previous approaches can’t support. 

Enter the KNIMO Knowledge in Motion platform

KNIMO attacks five key common pain points:

1. No more one-and-done knowledge events. KNIMO captures emerging knowledge in motion as it happens and makes it quickly available for others to also use.

2. Content formatted to fit need. KNIMO operates as digestible “bite sized” content that can be easily copied and pasted as needed.

3. Relief from redundant questions for everyone. KNIMO serves as the first source of content so that repeat questions aren’t productivity killers.

4. Every voice is heard. How often do efforts to progress revenue opportunity stages happen with the aid of ALL available collaborative intelligence? KNIMO finds and serves the previously known AND unknown resources, focusing every resource on progressing every revenue opportunity at every stage.

5. Always putting the best foot forward. Collaborative intelligence in KNIMO ensures real-time feedback on the content that is provided through easy up/down voting.

How it Works

KNIMO sits on top of how you work – Salesforce, Slack, Email, Calendar.  KNIMO listens for content needs and supplies them. It also helps you identify, capture, evaluate and share emerging knowledge … the real-time information that lives in the whirlwind of every opportunity.  By capturing this collaborative intelligence, every resource of the organization quickly becomes available to help progress each opportunity.

PMPathlights as a Foundation

KNIMO incorporates PMPathlights methodology and enables every knowledge worker to become a product marketer, curating, verifying, and progressing content that drives revenue forward.

Alphas Needed

If you are interest in being a KNIMO alpha, contact us.  Visit to learn more.

yüMIvü — intelligence ünleashed

PMPathlights is excited to announce the upcoming release of yüMIvü. 

yüMIvü is a totally new way to use personality insights in work settings.  Instead of the traditional testing that is “group hug and done,” yüMIvü will work “over the top” of daily workflow, constantly alerting and suggesting how to blend the strengths of individuals and groups most effectively.

 Use case examples include human-to-human handoff compatibility or conflict risks in business workflows, auto format suggestions appear in email, and group engagement coaching in Teams and Calendar. yüMIvü is designed to form and revise approach recommendations as you add individuals in or out of a group. It will sense, guide and improve every aspect of business teams.

yüMIvü is for groups too.  Sports teams, church groups, caregiver communities, even families … groups where knowing just a bit more about how each other is wired can help find harmony instead of conflict.

Journey  Partners Needed

yüMIvü is seeking alpha customers for yüMIvü for Business.  Visit to learn more.

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