When your recently funded company isn't growing, rapid growth readiness can help.

You’ve made an investment in a promising company but it’s not growing at the rate you anticipated. It’s a painfully familiar story for investors. On paper, it seemed like a no-brainer. The company you invested in has:

  • A viable PRODUCT and decent market opportunity
  • Existing CUSTOMERS and a proven ability to capture, keep and grow relationships
  • LEADERS who know the space and have the acumen to help grow the business.
  • FUNDING to turn planning into execution (courtesy of you!)

Yet post funding the company is struggling to achieve expected growth. Or even worse, it’s falling short of pre-funding performance. Using the RGR Methodology, we can help you answer the question WHY?

Rapid Growth Readiness: The Methodology to Drive Revenue Growth.

Rapid Growth Readiness (RGR) is a model companies can use to quickly mobilize people, processes and technologies to drive rapid revenue growth. Each RGR engagement begins with a SCALE review, which looks closely at how aligned the company is with the systems that enable scalable revenue growth. Through the lens of revenue acceleration, SCALE examines:

S -    Systems and Structures

C -   Customer Pulse

A -   Augmentation Requirements

L -    Leadership Mindsets

E -   Existing Processes

Discoveries in the SCALE review provide the foundational elements for the go-forward plan. The RGR team mains a lean focus, so design changes will not only transition the organization quickly but with minimal disruption.


how we get you where you want to go.

Do it FOR Me

Using the SCALE Review, the RGR team completes an assessment of the company’s foundations for scalable growth – systems, processes, market positioning – and replaces or updates them to the state needed.  Meanwhile, your team stays focused on driving current success.

Do it WITH Me

Your leadership, not RGR, will drive your success.  The RGR team begins the company transition to the new mindsets, processes and systems it has established.  This phased transition is designed to be as minimally disruptive as possible.



The leadership at the now rapid growth ready company settle into the new, scalable systems and processes. RGR team members are still available as coaches, but your team owns the processes, attains the mindset of growth and can move forward.

RGR helps organizations failing to grow after funding.

It is a strong option for Venture Capitalist Investees; Success Stage Businesses; and Startups and Growing Companies in Survival mode.