NRM5 – Key Market Metrics that Give Hint to New Revenue Mining Opportunity

In this New Revenue Mining series blog we look at key Market Metrics that Give Hint to Opportunity. These questions should be asked AFTER you have identified a market fit.

Some of these may seem rather obvious but often get forgotten in the New Revenue Mining review.

Q: If YesIf No
1Could our product be disruptive?      +1-1
2Are market leaders being challenged by innovative new entrants?+1-1
3Is the GTM structure simple?+1-1
4Is the market rapidly growing?+1-1
5Do we have customers who could help us test interest?+1-1
6Would our revenue generation systems (demand gen and sales structure) also align to this New Revenue use case?+1-1
7Would established leaders serving the market be unable to respond quickly to our entry?+1-1

If your score is five or higher, this New Revenue Mining opportunity is worth a closer look.

Next up we will look at the Checkpoints you need for a New Revenue Mining Review. Most ideas aren’t worth pursuing. Finding quick stopping points is important.

Note: If you’d prefer to “binge blog” this series, just drop a note to or and we’ll send you our New Revenue Mining checklist guidebook.

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